Mino Games closes $2.2 million funding round and launches casual-core sequel Mino Monsters 2

All systems go again

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October 8th, 2015 investment Andreessen Horowitz
Mino Games
Mino Games closes $2.2 million funding round and launches casual-core sequel Mino Monsters 2

Following the success of its 7 million-download, $10 million game MinoMonsters, San Francisco developer Mino Games has announced the release of its sequel Mino Monsters 2: Evolution.

As part of the launch, it's also revealed it's closed a $2.2 million funding round.

Existing investor Andreessen Horowitz was joined by new investors SparkLabs Global Ventures, Luminari Capital, Ace & Company and others.

The cash will be used to expand the studio's headcount and market the new game.

Again, better

Originally set up as MinoMonsters, the company, which consists of Zynga, Kabam, Sega, and Hasbro alumni, has also taken the opportunity to rebrand as Mino Games.

"We have lofty aspirations to create a globally successful games company, one that shapes the future of entertainment," commented CEO Josh Buckley.

"This latest funding will help us realize this vision as we speed into 2016. The funds will be used to fuel marketing Mino Monsters 2, and grow the team for our next titles."

"Mino Monsters 2 is the first game to really bring mid-core RPG mechanics to a casual audience," added co-founder Sash Mackinnon.

"We're seeing leading casual retention numbers, with midcore revenue metrics, and a huge number of organic installs – we believe it's the beginning of a new breed of games."

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