Video: Priori Data gives App Store insights

Know the battlefield

Video: Priori Data gives App Store insights

As part of Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco 2015, Anders Lykke, head of sales at Priori Data, discussed some of the data that can be drawn from the App Store.

First off, according to Lykke, "consumers are generally more willing to spend money with apps now", with the average revenue currently between $20-25 for every 75 downloads.

Still room for newcomers

Research has also shown that the number of apps entering the store and generating revenues of over $1,000 a month have risen, though the number generating over $100,000 has dropped slightly.

And while the App Store is heavily saturated, it is still possible to enter the top ranks.

However, apps stay in these top spots for an average of 2.1 days, which Lykke points out is "not enough to grow the userbase that you want."

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