Video: How to make your branded IP stand out from the rest

If you can't beat them...

Video: How to make your branded IP stand out from the rest

At Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco 2015, Jeremy Horn, general manager at TinyCo, talked about working on a branded IP and how to stand out from the others already out there.

The mobile market is already heavily saturated with branded IPs, with some individual brands having a huge presence.

Horn says that "there's brands right now that have close to thirty games live."

Rabid fans

Horn suggests targeting the "rabid fans" of smaller brands rather than going with a big, saturated brand, saying that "the userbase is much smaller but they will gather around your product."

Brands won't just give you the rights to make games, of course. Horn says that the most important part of pitching ideas to a company is that "they want to know that you love their brand", so make sure you have a deep understand and appreciation for the brand you try to work with.

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