Apple opens up submissions to its tvOS App Store for Apple TV

With a few guidelines on how to make it happen

Apple opens up submissions to its tvOS App Store for Apple TV

Apple has started accepting submissions for its tvOS App Store, the OS used by its soon to be launched Apple TV.

The company has also posted guidelines for developers on how to get their apps and games ready for release on the OS, including how to make it work with the motion-controlled remote.

Universal appeal

While a week isn't a particularly long time to get apps ready, the guidelines reveal that developers can make their apps universal to iOS and tvOS, so current apps could be appearing on the tvOS store relatively quickly.

It most likely won't take too long for the tvOS App Store to fill up, give that Apple's Watch OS store - which runs a markedly different OS and doesn't allow for universal apps - had over 3,000 apps available in just a few days after it launched earlier this year.

This, of course, is always a mixed bag.

However, there are a number of high-profile games already announced for the Apple TV launch day, including Crossy Road and Guitar Hero Live, our curated list of which is available here.


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