High-profile Finns lead Koukoi Games' $1 million funding round

Frontier Accelerator leads the funding

Date Type Companies involved Size
October 26th, 2015 investment Koukoi Games $1m
High-profile Finns lead Koukoi Games' $1 million funding round

Koukoi Games, the Finnish studio set up by former Rovio and Nokia employees, has announced a yield of $1 million from its first funding round.

This is said to among the biggest of any funding round yet for a studio in Northern Finland, and has the potential to grow further with public funding.

More money, fewer problems

Functioning more like an angel round than your regular seed round, the funding was led by new partner Frontier Accelerator, with an overall total of 25 parties investing - principally Finnish CEOs, investors, and entrepreneurs.

The cash injection is intended to help support Koukoi's global growth. And indeed, with Frontier Singapore's partners leading the funding, it appears that establishing an Asian presence is a particular target for the two firms.

"Usually for making positive entry to this market area, foreign studios need to have a good knowledge over the market and many strong partners," reads a statement issued on Frontier's website.

"This is something Koukoi Games is already aiming for... Together with Frontier, [the] team’s target is to start having a local market presence from Singapore and expand it towards other areas of Asian market."

You can keep abreast of Koukoi's plan for global dominance on its website.

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