Is your F2P monetization playbook up-to-speed?

Fuse Powered give some tips

Is your F2P monetization playbook up-to-speed?

As the F2P space has become increasingly sophisticated, players' expectations have evolved.

In order to succeed in the new game economy, developers need to have the right tools and the right strategic playbook tailored specifically for their games.

You have to deliver the right offer, to the right player, at the right time in order to maximize revenue.

The right plays

Mobile monetization platform Fuse Powered is looking to help out, sharing its knowledge with a free Mobile Monetization Playbook.

It explains monetization strategies at four crucial game stages

  • Pre-Production
  • Production
  • First 48 hours, and
  • Live optimization

More importantly, it also explains how to take action by leveraging the right tools in order to drive revenue.

"As the free-to-play space has matured, so have monetization strategies," commented Fuse Powered's Live Ops Manager Nelson Pavao.

"Value propositions continue to become fairer, more relevant to players, and ultimately more effective. It's a trend that I appreciate both as a developer and as a gamer."

You can find more detail in the 25-page Playbook. which you can download here.

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