Apple TV App Store improves discovery with addition of chart listings

Is it enough?

Apple TV App Store improves discovery with addition of chart listings

Apple has added Top Charts to the tvOS App Store, which is used by the new edition of the Apple TV.

The store now displays the top selling paid apps, the top downloaded free apps, and the top grossing apps overall.

The top paid apps are already heavily populated with games, such as Harmonix's Apple TV-only Beat Sports, and State of Play's recently released Lumino City.

A step up

The top free apps are largely devoid of games, although Rayman Adventures, which is still in soft-launch on mobile, looks to have claimed the top spot.

The Apple TV launched with only Apple's own Featured Apps, most likely because it lacked the data to display which apps were performing best.

While it's a step up from only showing the apps Apple chooses to feature,at present, the top charts only show games that are being featured by Apple.

This doesn't help the majority of titles on the store, which can only be found through use of the cumbersome software keyboard and the Apple TV remote. 


More surprisingly, although Siri can be used to search for movies and TV, it still can't be used to search for apps or games, which would make discovery a lot easier.

All developers are hoping that feature will be added sooner rather than later. 

In the meantime, make sure to check out our ever-growing list of Apple TV games and see what games are out there that you might have missed otherwise.


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