Strange Flavour's incentivised search approach to Apple TV's discovery issues

Strange Flavour's incentivised search approach to Apple TV's discovery issues

Discovery on Apple TV may be getting better,but it's still an issue for the majority of developers who aren't getting featured.

That means that alternative channels, such as our own Apple TV game list, are proving popular.

And some developers are being even more creative when it comes to attracting eyeballs to their Apple TV content.

One such as UK developer Strange Flavour.

It's got several of its iOS games on Apple TV and to promote them, it's launched a treasure hunt.

Paid to search

This works using the games' descriptions on the Apple TV App Store, into which Strange Flavour has hidden a link and a password.

If you search for the games, using the soft keyboard and Apple TV remote (the main source of the discovery problem), you can unlock digital goodies in the free-to-play games.

In this way, Strange Flavour hopes to reward players into spending a bit of time on the soft keyboard.

It's a neat idea, which could be described as incentivised search; something that will be useful until Apple switches on Siri voice search for games.

The three games you need to search for, for your goodies are Any Landing, SlotZ Racer 2 and Tiny TrackZ.

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