Video: HyprMX on the appeal of branded not UA ads

Making money and keeping your users to yourself

Video: HyprMX on the appeal of branded not UA ads

At Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco 2015, Dan Laughlin, VP Business Development at HyprMX, gave a talk on what makes branded advertising so attractive.

He made the point that "if you can run sleek, professional, familiar ads, your users will feel good about that experience", since they have come to expect it from watching TV and internet ads.

Keep them close

Laughlin also said that because the ads aren't for competitors on the marketplace, it increases user retention, since, in his words, "you're not sending users away to play Clash of Clans."

He then moved on to talk about how developers should "let someone else do the hard work for you", and get involved with ad mediation companies to increase potential revenues.

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