Video: A brief history of Iceland's game developers

Jon Thoroddsen looks back and forward

Video: A brief history of Iceland's game developers

At Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2015, Jon Thoroddsen of Digon Games spoke about the Icelandic game development scene.

Covering everything from the character of Icelanders as early adopter, and the country's financial crash in 2008/2009, he also spoke about the rise of game companies such as CCP and Quiz Up developer Plain Vanilla.

And the rise and fall of studios like GoGogic.

As for the current situation, Thoroddsen's company Digon Games has just released its first title, a mobile sports game called Kickoff - Club Manager.

You can see all our speaker videos from Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2015 on our YouTube Playlist.

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