Paris mobile startup Mana Cube emerges, ready to reinvent the dungeon crawler

Kobojo and Gumi Europe vets combine

Paris mobile startup Mana Cube emerges, ready to reinvent the dungeon crawler

Although there are plenty of strong French mobile game developers, the sector doesn't have the cachet of the like of Finland or Sweden, let alone Germany or the UK.

But there is a scene bubbling up and the latest startup to surface is Mana Cube.

The Paris-based studio is the brainchild of CEO Philippe Desgranges (previously with French outfit Kobojo) and COO Nicolas Godement-Berline (previously Gumi Europe).

"We believe everybody wants to have an adventure. This simple, powerful claim is what Mana Cube is about: a little bit of magic that you can take anywhere with you," commented Desgranges.

Constant action

Mana Cube has already hit the ground running with its RPG Dungeon Monsters, already in soft launch (and listed on our Soft Launch list).

It's what the company labels a reborn dungeon crawler; reinvented for one-handed portrait gaming and the pick-up-and-play gameplay demanded on mobile.

It also has the sort of deep meta-game that titles like Puzzle & Dragons have demonstrated.

"With Dungeon Monsters, we're introducing ground-breaking exploration mechanics combined with direct, fast paced combat gameplay that will set the game apart", commented Desgranges.

Dungeon Monsters is set for a 2016 Q1 release.

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