Mino Games' midcore Mino Monsters 2 generates $1.7m in revenue in first month

Plans on growing the company

Mino Games' midcore Mino Monsters 2 generates $1.7m in revenue in first month

San Francisco-based developer Mino Games has announced that its latest release, Mino Monsters 2, is generated over $1.7 million during its first month.

The game - developed by 10 people -  launched in October 2015 after the company raised $2.2 million in investment from Andreessen Horowitz, SparkLabs Global Ventures, Luminari Capital, and others.

“We're delighted by the early results from the game’s launch. It's off to great start, and we’re bullish on the game continuing to grow into a category leader,” said Josh Buckley, CEO of Mino Games.

Doubling down

“We see this early success is a validation of the unique approach we are taking to bringing high production quality, original games to the market. Mobile gaming is incredibly competitive, and players are more demanding than ever.”

The company won't rest on its laurels, however, and is planning on using this revenue to increase the size of its team in 2016.

“We’re planning on doubling down with a massive roadmap for 2016," said Buckley. "Players can expect many new features including guilds, weekly live events, and a much deeper end-game."

"We want to lead the way in bringing mid core game mechanics to a wide, casual audience."


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