Video: David Hoppe on the future of law for F2P games

Both in the US and the EU

Video: David Hoppe on the future of law for F2P games

As part of Pocket Gamer Connects San Francisco 2015, David Hoppe, founder of Gamma Law, talked about how the law will affect free-to-play games.

He spoke about the differences in law between the US and Europe, saying "it comes as a surprise to most Americans that in many countries it is illegal to advertise to children."

It's the little things

Hoppe also said that "if you plan to have a large userbase in the EU" it's important to double-check translations, and make sure you understand seemingly minor differences in words that could have a major impact in how your descriptions are understood.

Finally, he spoke about the new laws in the US, saying "part of the new rules is the prohibition of linking to social media if the player is a child", so developers should be sure not to be taking any personal details if the game is aimed at children.

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