Distributed UK startup Rocket Lolly announces it's working on an "iconic IP"

Game due in 2017

Distributed UK startup Rocket Lolly announces it's working on an "iconic IP"

Relying on new financing and production methods, UK startup Rocket Lolly Games has announced its formation and initial funding.

Co-founded by Unity evangelist Oscar Clark and financing/production consultant Ella Romanos, the pair will continue with their jobs, while overseeing Rocket Lolly's remote team - currently 10-strong.

The team is working on what they call an "iconic IP", which will be released for mobile and tablet in 2017.


"We believe it's time to make use of new working practices to bring creative and emotionally relevant games to market," commented Romanos.

"Working remotely has enabled us to put together a talented and passionate team, all contracted to support project-based cashflow and resource needs. Both Oscar and I will be continuing with our other roles, and are looking forward to bringing this game to market."

"I've been writing and talking about how to make better games for a long time, and I decided now it was time to put my money where my controller is," Clark added.

You can find out more about Rocket Lolly Games via its website.

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