Apple TV not yet shaping up to be a gaming platform

Entertainment leads the way

Apple TV not yet shaping up to be a gaming platform

Is it too early to call Apple TV a gaming flop?

Yes, but the fourth generation of Apple's TV hardware clearly hasn't reached launch velocity when it comes to providing game developers with another commercially viable platform.

Viewing platform

Indeed, research from App Annie suggests that in the UK and US, entertainment is the #1 category for free app downloads, with games the #2 category.

In Japan, however, the split between the two is more equal.

Similarly, comparing Apple TV to iPad in terms of the breakdown between these two categories, it's clear that Apple TV is being used much more as a watching device than a playing device.

Of that could all change if Apple starting bundling gaming controllers with Apple TV or Apple TV starts selling in high volume, but at present, it appears to be nascent market.

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