Eric Seufert predicts the 3 mega trends in user acquisition for 2016

Eric Seufert predicts the 3 mega trends in user acquisition for 2016

Eric Seufert, VP of User Acquisition and Network Engagement at Rovio, gave a talk on the biggest trends that are likely to happen in 2016.

He began by looking back at 2015, pointing to the continuation of the growth of video advertising, the decline of the mobile web, and the rise of the viral gimmick app, such as Dubsmash, which showed a trend of spending less on user acquisition by building a game that was intended to go viral.

There was also the issue of increased video ad fraud, which Seufert says "hasn't affected developers yet, but will do in 2016" as ad networks begin to crack down harder on fraudulent ads.

Looking ahead for 2016, Seufert suggests the first megatrend will be the "growth of the simultaneous second screen", for example interacting with a TV using a tablet or smartphone.

This could become popular because it allows for social applications with friends watching the same TV, but there's also opportunities available for betting, and allowing for content extensions from a TV show.

Secondly, Seufert predicts a shift to managed services, as there is a "no man's land" of UA spend between $50,000-$200,000 where very few companies are budgeting themselves.

This, he thinks, is because it becomes increasingly difficult to run campaigns at these levels with a small staff, while larger companies go straight past the zone, so smaller companies will work with user acquisition companies to work in these areas easily.

Finally, Seufert predicts a growth of multi-device attribution, with ad networks working across devices to track users and their habits with viewing ads in order to better calculate ROI.

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