User acquisition experts talk about the "new wave" of UA

A brave new world of user acquisition?

User acquisition experts talk about the "new wave" of UA

To round off the panels in the Monetise, Retain, Acquire track at Pocket Gamer Connects London 2016,'s own Jon Jordan led a panel discussing what he described as the "new wave" of UA.

Joining him on the panel were:

"I don't think this is a new era of the ways of doing UA," said Seufert on the topic of whether Jon's description as a "new wave" was accurate, but he added "it's new people doing it."

Speaking on how to get the most from your budget, Leksell said that you can and should choose which channels you want to be a part of "when you know where you need to be."

Essig added that you should be "scrappy", working with lesser names on YouTube for example to broaden your reach as much as possible without spending too much.

Birnbryer chipped in to say that "you can do a lot for free", with SEO, app store optimisation, and interacting with communities to build interest in the game without spending anything on purchasing installs.

"If your players don't care about it", continued Birnbryer, "they don't care about you."

When it comes to app stores and the idea that discovery is "broken", Essig says that "both stores could do better in solving the situation, but it's not just down to them."

On the topic of eSports, Seufert said that "eSports is just an extension of another larger thing" of one-to-many video viewing, which is expanding across other platforms and not just mobile games.

Finally, when asked for advice on UA, Volker said that "first you need to make a good product", but you also need to be willing to share your data with platforms so they know how to optimise the ads.


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