Nicoll Hunt on why you should quit your job

Right now. Do it.

Nicoll Hunt on why you should quit your job

"Jobs are for jerks."

In a rousing, wonderful final talk of Pocket Gamer Connects London 2016, Nicoll Hunt, founder of I Fight Bears, attempted to convince people to quit their jobs.

"You shouldn't take advice from me," he began, reeling off a number of reasons why he was not the right person to listen to, but advised that you should listen to him because of his impressive beard.

"I learned everything about business from Dragon's Den", he said, explaining that business plans are also for jerks, and that you should make up sales estimates and run with it.

Hunt, more seriously, said that you should create a game for a market that people didn't even know existed, by being innovative and taking risks.

But don't expect to get rich this way, and expect to have to push your pain threshold as running a business "is painful, and frustrating, and stressful, and painful."

Despite this, Hunt suggested that you "love yourself", look after yourself and your body, and take every opportunity that comes your way because you never know where it may lead in the end.

His final takeaway was to read Arnold Schwarzenegger's autobiography, who decided to believe in himself and take a huge risk, and it all paid off. Just like Hunt did.


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