Rovio outsources its European ad sales business to Venatus Media

Better out than in

Rovio outsources its European ad sales business to Venatus Media

In an interesting move, Rovio has outsourced its entire European ad sales business.

Game specialist Venatus Media now adds the company's EMEA inventory - ranging from native ads to brand integration, video and playable ads - into its private marketplace, allowing advertisers ranging from Hasbro, Disney, Nintendo, Activision, EA, Sega, Sony and Warners to bid on it.

Helping hand

2016 is a vital period for Rovio as The Angry Birds Movie is released globally in May 2016.

But given the company's recent restructuring, it obviously now believes a local specialist like Venatus can optimise revenues at a lower cost than internal teams, at least in the mature European market.

"Venatus Media's expertise in gaming, creativity and commitment to their partners makes them the perfect partner for Rovio," said Paul Chenier, global head of partnerships and advertising at Rovio.

"We are extremely proud of our capabilities and track record in the European market and are excited to have Venatus take us forward, and to expand our footprint in this incredibly important market."

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