ChilliConnect adds Unity support for iOS

Backend tech embraces ubiquity

ChilliConnect adds Unity support for iOS

If you're operating in the world of middleware, you have to play nicely with the big boys.

And that's exactly what Dundee-based outfit Chilliworks has done.

It's announced that its backend-as-a-service tech ChilliConnect (which is technically still in beta) now supports the ubiquitous Unity engine.


Integrated with its latest update, this means that iOS developers using Unity can now use ChilliConnect's full range of features.

These range from User Management, Leaderboard and Analytics tools to Push Notifications, Cloud Storage and DLC Management.

Support for Android will follow, later in 2016, as will features such as Cloud Scripting and Economy Management.

"Since our Beta launch last year we've received a lot of positive feedback from users," said ChilliConnect's head of product development Mike Herron.

"We're delighted to now offer Unity developers the chance see for themselves how easy it is to add social and connected features to their game with ChilliConnect."

You can find out more about ChilliConnect via its website.

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