Supersonic's Tal Shoham on the 'game changer' that is rewarded advertising

Everyone's a winner

Supersonic's Tal Shoham on the 'game changer' that is rewarded advertising

At Casual Connect Europe 2016, Tal Shoham, VP International Business Development at Supersonic, gave a talk on how mobile video advertising is a "game changer."

"The top developers in the world are all using rewarded video", he began, adding that users demand a large supply of rewarded ads, and that they generate a surprisingly high eCPM.

The market itself is growing, as shown by the number of video ad networks entering the mobile space, and how many games are now using them.

Think of the users

For developers, Shoham suggests that developers are, or should be, concerned about the user experience most of all, and care about how much money they're making far less.

Using the example of Hopeless 2, Shoham showed that adding video ads improved not only player session length and LTV, but also that the IAP value rose by 50%.

He said that this was because of a shift to "user-initiated" systems, as players were choosing to view the ads instead of having them forced on them.

Best of the best

The ads are also usually high-quality, and therefore not a detriment to the user experience, and because they keep players in your game, using the rewarded ads as they play, they become a constant part of your game's economy.

On the other side of things, in terms of UA, because of their high eCPM you can generate a large number of downloads for your own game, and these users are generally high-quality users themselves.


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