Industrial Toys announces sequel Midnight Star: Renegade

A faster FPS for the mobile generation

Industrial Toys announces sequel Midnight Star: Renegade

Following on from the announcement of a new studio focused on fast-paced RPG Exiles of Embermark, Tim Harris has revealed that the studio's parent company Industrial Toys, is working on a sequel to its first game, Midnight Star.

The new game, Midnight Star: Renegade, improves on the original by adding in free movement, jump boots, and guided rockets, as well as introducing much shorter levels which take less than a minute to complete.

Indeed, the developer is calling it a "sci-fi shooter built for speed".

Get your boots wet

To compensate for the short playtime, players will have 150 levels to play through in the first campaign instalment, as well as a multiplayer mode to shoot up their friends in.

The game will be soft launched sometime in March, with a worldwide launch on both iOS and Android due this summer.

You can find out more over at the game's official website.


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