Video: Execution Labs' Keith Katz on the point of game accelerators

What they should offer you, and warning signs to look out for

Video: Execution Labs' Keith Katz on the point of game accelerators

At Pocket Gamer Connects London 2016, Keith Katz, co-founder of Canadian accelerator Execution Labs, gave a talk on how accelerators and incubators can help your company grow.

He started by talking about the difference between incubators and accelerators, saying that while the former focuses on building a long-term co-operative environment, accelerators are more focused on fast growth of a business in just a few months.

It's all about the money

In terms of what you should be getting out of it, Katz says that accelerators should offer business coaching, an alumni network, relevant mentors, money, and access to more money after the accelerator has ended.

"If someone is taking equity in your studio, they should be giving you money," said Katz, pointing out that an accelerator who isn't capable of raising its own money to offer you is unlikely to be effective at helping you grow your business overall.

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