FTUE: Winterstate

A cocktail of ice and explosions

FTUE: Winterstate

In our First Time User Experience videos, we play the first 10 minutes of F2P mobile games to experience how developers are onboarding their players in terms of the UX and basic tutorial process.

In this episode, we tackle PlayRaven's line-drawing vehicle combat game Winterstate

Baby it's cold outside

Set in an icy, post-apocalyptic United States, the game's tutorial proceeds at pace.

You play through quick missions that explain the basics: line drawing; powering up weapons; using the trading mechanics; and finally unlocking and using two vehicles.

Combined with a neat user interface, the whole experience was smooth (if you ignore YouTube Gaming crashing), and enticing.

We'll certainly be heading back.

You can see all our FTUE via our YouTube Playlist.

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