Video: Shelley Lau on what VCs look for for when investing

They're not just there to bail you out

Video: Shelley Lau on what VCs look for for when investing

As part of Pocket Gamer Connects London 2016, Shelley Lau, Managing Partner at IPC Ventures, gave a talk on what venture capitalists are looking to invest in when it comes to mobile games.

"VC funding is not about project financing," said Lau, suggesting instead that most of the time, VCs are more interested in investing in a team or company, not just one single project.

Not a bank

They are also not looking for studios who want them to "bail you out", as Lau puts it, and instead are looking for developers who also want to "invest in themselves."

But on the flipside, Lau says that companies with stable revenues and cashflow aren't of interest either, as VCs are more interested in helping companies to grow rapidly and make an impact.

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