BlueStacks' Twitch integration provides wire-free Android game streaming from your PC

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BlueStacks' Twitch integration provides wire-free Android game streaming from your PC

In a move guaranteed to simplify the process of getting mobile gameplay streamed and hence widen the available content, Android-on-PC outfit BlueStacks has signed a deal with Twitch.

For stream creators within the 130 million-strong BlueStack community, the result is that they will be able to broadcast their mobile game content directly to Twitch via their PC.

Similarly, BlueStack users will be able to view Twitch content within the BlueStacks app.

The deal is based on BlueStack's integration of Twitch's recently opened APIs.

Easy peasy

"It used to be hard to stream a mobile game. It involved multiple devices: a tablet, a webcam and wires. We've cut all of that out," said BlueStacks CEO, Rosen Sharma.

"This was a natural combination.

Now streaming the Android version of Hearthstone from your PC

"BlueStacks has the mobile equivalents of the most popular games on the Twitch platform - especially midcore RPG titles.

Sharma said he expected mobile titles such as Hearthstone, Castle Clash and Vainglory to benefit from the move.

"We've always known our mobile games look and sound awesome on PC, but streaming them from a phone is complicated," said IGG SVP, Mark Zhang, developer of Castle Clash.

"We've been approached to put an SDK in our games, but that's bandwidth we don't have. We'd rather focus on our games. The fact that millions of people can stream Castle Clash to Twitch without us doing anything is massive."

As part of the deal, BlueStacks is hosting a 16 player tournament of top Hearthstone players using the mobile version of the game, streaming live to Twitch in which the winner will receive $2,500.

The tournament begins on Twitch at 6AM Pacific Daylight Time April 7 on the BlueStacksInc channel and is sponsored by Glory4Gamers.

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