Robin Hunicke to keynote Indie Dev Day at Develop:Brighton 2016

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Robin Hunicke to keynote Indie Dev Day at Develop:Brighton 2016

Following the news that a Hideo Kojima fireside chatis the keynote for Develop:Brighton 2016, the conference has revealed another big name for its Indie Dev Day.

Known for her work on Journey, Boom Blox and The Sims 2, Robin Hunicke will be the Indie Keynote Speaker on Thursday 14 July.

Wider view

Aside from her game development work, Hunicke will also bring a wider view on the industry to bear, thanks to other roles such as Professor of Art, Games & Playable Media at UC Santa Cruz, and more generally with Indiecade.

She will also be talking about the core artistic and emotional inspirations at the heart of new game Luna.

Other sessions during the day include:

  • Pitching is Courtship - Shahid Ahmad, Indie Developer
  • Killing the Indie Crunch Myth: Shipping Games Alive - Simon Roth, Machine Studios
  • Console Porting Indie Games with Network Support: Worth it? - James Parker, Ground Shatter
  • How to Succeed and Where You'll Fail: Money, Marketing, and Making a Mark - Chair: Joe Brammer, Bulkhead Interactive

You can find out more about the event, which runs at the Hilton Brighton Metropole from Tuesday 12 to Thursday 14 July via its website.

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