GameAnalytics now freely available for Unreal Engine

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GameAnalytics now freely available for Unreal Engine

Danish analytics outfit GameAnalytics has integrated its services into Unreal Engine.

The move means developers using Unreal can access GameAnalytics from the Unreal Marketplace and hence track how their players are interacting with their game.

GameAnalytics comes with customisable dashboards which enable developers to set up and visualise in-game events, as well as comparing their metrics with other games that use the service.

The next step

"GameAnalytics is on a mission to follow up from where the Unreal Engine ends and enable game developers of all sizes to monitor and optimize everything easily, from user acquisition to game design based on hard facts," explained founder Morten Wulff.

GameAnalytics' technology supports almost 9,000 games and has tracked more than 1 billion unique players since launch.

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