Unity announces five-part Women In Gaming talks

Talks across the globe by women in the industry, for women in the industry

Unity announces five-part Women In Gaming talks

Unity Technologies has announced a series of "Women in Gaming" talks, five events held around the world in 2016 given by leading women in the gaming industry.

The talks will be focused on not only the speaker's experiences in the industry, but also insights and tips they have to offer other women in the industry to improve their strategic thinking, influence, and career navigation.

Diversifying and developing

“As we began to look at more ways to develop our employees internally, we realised it made sense to broaden our efforts industry wide," said Elizabeth Brown, Chief People Officer at Unity Technologies.

“These events are an important platform for women to come together in a collaborative setting and learn from each other, which is key to ensuring their ongoing success in the gaming and tech communities.”

The first talk will be held at Unity's Unite Europe 2016 event on June 1st, with Fiona Sperry (ex-Criterion and EA), and now founder of Three Fields Entertainment, speaking.

The full list of events is:

  • June 1, 2016: Amsterdam (as part of Unite Europe)
  • Fiona Sperry, Founder, Three Fields Entertainment


  • June 20, 2016: San Francisco, CA
  • Dana Carney, Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley


  • July 28, 2016: Shanghai
  • Amy Huang, AVP at NetEase Capital; Evelyn Liu, CTO at Firevale; and
  • Yanyan Xiong (Shining Hsiong), Founder of Shenzenware


  • September 22, 2016: San Francisco, CA
  • Nanea Reeves, President & COO, textPlus


  • Early November, 2016: Los Angeles, CA (as part of Unite LA)
  • Professor Tracy Fullerton, USC


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