King's soft-launched midcore title, Hero, pulled from Google Play

No reason given, but we have a few ideas

King's soft-launched midcore title, Hero, pulled from Google Play

Kings first foray into midcore, Hero, was soft-launched in Singapore and South Africa on April 28 2016.

Now, less than a month after its initial launch, King has decided to remove the game from Google Play, with no reason as to why.

Our fault?

The reason could simply be that the game is receiving far more attention than King had hoped for.

Our article on its launch was our most read article the week it ran, and our Mobile Mavens have been discussing it as well, for example.

Though, what did they expect given that they didn't even attempt to conceal their involvement in the game?

However, it could be that the game has reached a particular target of downloads, and now King will use that controlled group to study various game metrics before launching it properly.

Either way, it is unlikely that King's studio in Spain (not Nonstop Games, as originally reported) has ceased development on the game – particularly given the attention it has gathered since being uncovered.



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