Here's why players are churning in Clash Royale

Michail Katkoff on why players are losing interest

Here's why players are churning in Clash Royale

Michail Katkoff, founder of mobile gaming blog Deconstructor of Fun and one of's Monetizer Mavens, thinks very highly of Clash Royale.

In fact, he's gone so far as to describe it as "the best mobile game made to date" in his most recent post.

Dropping off

However, the piece - entitled 5 Reasons Why You Want to Quit Clash Royale - also aims to explain why so many players are seemingly on the brink of leaving the game forever, in spite of enjoying the essential experience.

In particular, Katkoff highlights the "grindy" nature of progression in the game, the consistent punishment of experimental play thanks to the lack of an unranked mode, and the lack of daily variation.

And this subjective analysis is also backed up by some data from SurveyMonkey. According to its audience tracking tool, Clash Royale has lost 20% of its monthly audience over the past month. 

It now has just under 10 million MAUs, while Clash of Clans has experienced a much smaller decline to around 12 million MAUs. 

You can read Katkoff's analysis in full here.

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