EA, Gram Games, Roadhouse, and Pollen VC join global speaker roster for PG Connects Vancouver 2016

Vancouver-based, but fully international

EA, Gram Games, Roadhouse, and Pollen VC join global speaker roster for PG Connects Vancouver 2016

Winter is not coming. Quite the opposite: the sun will be shining in Vancouver stronger than Valyrian steel come this June, when Pocket Gamer Connects rolls into town on 28th-29th.

But, just in the way Jon Snow saw the benefit in uniting tribes in order to face down a formidable foe, so too we try to get all facets of the mobile games industry together at our PGC conferences in order to best tackle the challenges our sector faces.

Okay, forget the forced Game of Thrones reference.

The point is that our events genuinely aim to bring a true cross-section of our industry together – from indies and big dev studios, triple-A publishers, investors, and tool providers, to C-level execs, ad networks, monetisation experts, games media, PR reps, and more – and this extends to both delegates and our agenda line-up. 

Take our latest compact but diverse addition to our speaker roster:

  • Nausharwan Mir, Altplus
  • Todd Batty, Electronic Arts Vancouver
  • Craig Derrick, Fifth Journey
  • Kerem Alemdar, Gram Games
  • Ryan Lessard, Pollen VC
  • Nick Malaperiman, Roadhouse Interactive
  • And more

Broad both geographically and thematically, they join already confirmed representatives from Glu Mobile, Bandai Namco, Colopl, East Side Games, Unity Technologies, King, Hothead Games, Tilting Point, Kooapps, icejam, IPC Ventures, CV Capital, Flying Helmet, Hyper Hippo, Kixeye, Scientific Revenue, iWin, Cloudcade, cognitiveVR, Rovio Entertainment, Seriously, Chorus Worldwide, Failbetter Games, Pocket Gems, Relic Entertainment, Pollen VC, Fox Digital Entertainment, GameSparks, Agnitio Capital, IGG, and more.

That's more diversity than you'll find in even the Seven Kingdoms. And like HBO's premier series, we're far from finished…

(If you fancy sharing the stage, there are a just handful of session spots available so best submit your talk.)

That's more

Get the lowdown

Next on our list of reveals are the tracks themselves, but for now we'll give you a teaser breakdown of what we're working on:

  • East Meets West: Going Global – includes insight into trends in Asia, LatAm, and emerging markets, as well as a focus on eSports and, of course, brands
  • Indie Futures – get the lowdown on the strategies, tools, and techniques needed to thrive in today's mobile games market
  • Monetize, Retain, Acquire – how to establish a model that will keep your players returning and spending before you have to dish out the UA dollars
  • Mobile Games University – carefully curated curriculum very much focused on practical advice on how to succeed as a mobile games developer
  • Show Me The Money – how to locate and select the investment avenue that could transform your business
  • Future Visions – from pinpointing the real size of the VR opportunity to deciding what other technologies and trends should be on your radar
  • Made In Vancouver – Coming to Canada means you take time to celebrate the best in gaming from Vancouver and British Columbia

And those are just the main tracks. There's plenty of fringe material to keep everyone going:

  • The Very Big Indie Pitch – massively popular indie developer competition
  • 20/20 SpeedMatch – An exclusive session enabling shortlisted developers and publishers to make initial contact during a dedicated 2-hour stint of speed-date style meetings
  • I Love Indie Showcase – an exlusive expo area within the conference dedicated to indie developers and their games
  • PG Party – come now, no PGC is complete without a little dancing and plenty of schmoozing
  • Bespoke meeting system – our dedicated Pitch & Match system for all registered delegates to use in order to connect during the conference

Want to come? Mid Term tickets are now on sale.

With three boys under the age of 12, former Edge editor Joao has given up his dream of making it to F1 and instead spends his weekends transforming his living room floor into a venue for hosting increasingly complex Scalextric tracks. When in work mode, he looks after the production (aka the behind-the-scenes magic) of Steel Media's series of conferences.