News is ripping up the download charts, but has it really only made $72,000?

So reckons Apptopia is ripping up the download charts, but has it really only made $72,000?

Following on from Color Switch, is the next big casual phenomenon in the world of mobile games.

It's been downloaded around 4 million times in the past month.

Yet according to business intelligence outfit Apptopia, the game's only made $72,000.

At least, that's its estimate of revenue in the period 17 April - 17 May.

Partly that's because launched without any way to make money.

Then in early April, it added adverts through Admob and Google Mobile Ads, and the a $4 IAP option to disables ads.

Cash cloner

Indeed, demonstrating that cloning can be a good move - financially, if not morally, Apptopia goes on to point out that Snakeio has made more money.

Despite being downloaded less than 400,000 times in the past month, Apptopia estimates the game has generated over $80,000 in revenue.

Again, it makes its money from in-game adverts and the $2 option to switch off ads.

That's the way to do it

As for the leader in the genre, that remains Miniclip's, which despite launching without monetisation, has since gained a full F2P meta-game layer, including XP and in-game currency, alongside the usual rewarded video ads.

A top 200 grossing game in the US, it's now making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

You can take free 7-day of Apptopia via its website

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