UK Games Fund's student competition Tranzfuser announces its first entrants

20 teams competing for a chance to pitch their prototypes

UK Games Fund's student competition Tranzfuser announces its first entrants

The UK Games Fund's talent development program, Tranzfuser, has announced on its website the teams that will be taking part in its inaugural competition.

20 student teams from universities across the UK will be given £5,000 grants, paid to them in stages, to create a prototype for a game across 10 weeks.

The teams will then showcase their games at a currently unplanned event later this year, where winning teams will be given the opportunity to pitch their games to the UK Games Fund proper.

A glimpse into the real worls

The UK Games Fund was established in October 2015 to offer up to £25,000 ($35,000) to developers to help create prototypes and advance early-stage games, with an eye to pitching the games to investors and publishers after funding has been paid out.

So while entering the Tranzfuser program doesn't guarantee access to the UK Games Fund, it will give teams an insight into how the fund works, and could give them an edge when applying for additional funds.

You can follow the progress of the teams over on the Tranzfuser Facebook page.

And you can find out more about the UK Games Fund from a talk given by the Director of UK Games Talent and Finance CIC at Pocket Gamer Connects London 2016 below.


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