Video ads are the preferred method of earning hard currency for mobile players

And signing up for promotions the least favoured, says

Video ads are the preferred method of earning hard currency for mobile players

A recent study reveals that almost 60% of mobile gamers complete surveys, install apps, or - most commonly - watch video ads, to earn in-game currency 10 times a week.

The study comes from Mountain View, CA-based market research outfit TapResearch, which surveyed just under 400 participants on the regularity of - and reasoning behind - their interactions with in-game currency reward schemes.

Pick of the bunch

The options given to the subjects included watching video, taking survey, installing another app.

Of these, video ads were the most desirable way of earning in-game currency for 70%.

The least popular monetisation was completing an offer, like signing up for Netflix or Amazon, particularly if it involves giving away personal details.

“If you’re not using rewarded video, then you’re doing it wrong” says TapResearch VP, Business Development Michael Sprague.

As for a way forward, Sprague advocates a reward-based model that can combine both advertising and in-app purchases.

[Source: VentureBeat]

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Syed Imran Co-Founder, Games Producer, Principal 3d Artist at Galassia Studios
Incentivized Video Ads are a great way to increase your revenue stream. We've witnessed upto 40% increase in our revenue by integrating Video ads from different Ad companies.
Nick Hatter Chief Executive Officer
Developers need to offer multiple revenue streams. No one monetisation method is perfect - each one has upsides, and downsides.
Jared Epicpower
Isn't video ecpm still declining year over year while survey and offer stay at a much steadier rate?
Nick Hatter Chief Executive Officer
That's very interesting Jared! Do you have an article or data you could link me to?
Nick Hatter Chief Executive Officer
And if you're relying on incentivised video ads *alone*, you're also doing it wrong. Here's why: