It ain't broke but mNectar reckons its new interactive ads are going to 'kill video ads'

Claims higher conversion and retention rates

It ain't broke but mNectar reckons its new interactive ads are going to 'kill video ads'

With rewarded video ads currently driving strong growth in indirect monetisation for mobile devs, few are asking What's Next?

But there's always Something Next...

US virtualisation outfit mNectar thinks its playable ads are that thing, and it's revealed some data to back up its claim.

It's not giving out any absolute figures, but it says it's seen a 30% weekly growth rate in terms of players completing its playable ads.

More generally, it claims playables' conversion rate is 7 times that of mobile video ads, with double the retention.

Strong start

This is combined with an underlying increase in the number of games and apps that its technology can virtualise and run as interactive ads.

And when it comes to its business partners - companies like GREE, Wooga, King, Mag Interactive, Storm8 and Zynga - mNectar says its retained 100 percent of its customer base since its founding in 2012.

As for the future of the format, it's going with market trends and launching interactive ads that also provide in-game rewards.

"Today, we have the hard data to prove that, across the board, more people are engaging with playables to the fullest extent, which drives higher revenues for the publisher and delivers players with high lifetime value to the developer," said Wally Nguyen, CEO of mNectar.

"Our recent growth and client retention metrics are hugely validating, and demonstrate empirically that playables are killing video ads and pushing the frontiers of mobile advertising."

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