PG Connects Vancouver 2016 ticket prices rise tomorrow

Grab yours before prices rise for June 28th-29th must-attend conference

PG Connects Vancouver 2016 ticket prices rise tomorrow

Warren Buffett doesn't like gambling.

He once installed a slot machine at home and allowed his children to set the amount of their daily allowance themselves on the understanding it would be paid out in 10 cent pieces.

At the end of every day, Buffett had his money back.

(His kids eventually learned a more valuable lesson.)

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But if Warren worked in mobile games, do you think he'd take a chance on missing out on a Mid Term ticket to PG Connects Vancouver conference on June 28-29 before the offer ends in a few hours' time?

The answer here is two-fold.

  • One, he'd argue why pay more tomorrow when you can pay less today.
  • Two, he'd have done his homework and realised that PG Connects are conferences anyone in our industry wishing to better their business should double down on.

Come the end of the month we'll roll out 7 tracks, 80+ sessions, 80+ leading speakers, unmissable fringe events, and endless networking opportunities - the fact our delegate base is made up from a genuine international cross-section of the mobile games sector is a sure-fire bet when it comes to making the connections that matter. 

Don't want to gamble that opportunity away? Grab that Mid Term ticket before time runs out.

It'll be one of the best investments you'll make this year.

With three boys under the age of 12, former Edge editor Joao has given up his dream of making it to F1 and instead spends his weekends transforming his living room floor into a venue for hosting increasingly complex Scalextric tracks. When in work mode, he looks after the production (aka the behind-the-scenes magic) of Steel Media's series of conferences.