Palringo launches 2016's charity campaign with Hero Squad

Going for a $1 million

Palringo launches 2016's charity campaign with Hero Squad

Since the launch of Palringo's annual charity campaign 3 years ago, the company has raised over $750,000, and hopes to hit the $1 million mark in 2016.

This year's campaign, 'Heroes Against Hunger', will run from 7 June until 10 July.

During the campaign, Palringo will donate 50% of the revenue generated from the release of Hero Squad, a new Superhero chat-based bot game for its chat platform.

The money raise will go to two charity partners; Action Against Hunger and Islamic Relief Worldwide.

Another year

Palringo is a social platform where users can play multiplayer games directly in a group chat of up to 2,000 people.

Last year's charity campaign saw user in-game spending increase by 33%, with an average spending per user of $50.

"The combination of group chat and gaming has proved to be a really successful for user engagement and creates a unique community dynamic making it a great way to increase charitable activity by encouraging others to compete and get involved", said CEO Tim Rea.


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