Apple wants to ‘revolutionise' how people learn to code with Swift Playgrounds

Education app only available on iPad

Apple wants to ‘revolutionise' how people learn to code with Swift Playgrounds

Apple has unveiled a new coding education app called Swift Playgrounds on iPad.

The open source programming language Swift has been used in more than 100,000 apps to date. During Apple’s WWDC 2016 keynote, CEO Tim Cook said that with Swift Playgrounds, Apple wants to “revolutionise the way people learn to code”.

Users who activate the app will be greeted to a screen like below featuring a library of numerous lessons teaching people how to program using Swift.


In an example on stage, Apple exec Cheryl Thomas showed a small platforming game in which the user has to command a character through code to move and reach its objective.

Users will have access to a number of similar programming lessons that teach skills such as creating functions, performing loops and using conditional code and variables at any time.

Users can also take advantage of built-in templates to create real programs that can be shared with friends and online. Educators meanwhile can use Xcode to create their own challenges for students in the app.

Swift Playgrounds is already available to Apple Developer Program members as part of the iOS 10 developer preview. It will be available with the iOS 10 public beta in July, and fully released to the public on the App Store during the autumn.

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