Apple adds livestreaming to iOS 10

Mobcrush and Flaregames highlight their support

Apple adds livestreaming to iOS 10

While Game Center looks like it's on the way out in iOS 10, mobile game streaming is on the way in.

As part of the iOS 10 update to Apple's ReplayKit, any games supporting the SDK will provide gamers with the option to livestream.


It's not yet clear which services will be available, but US startup Mobcrush is highlighting its inclusion.

Its viewing app just went live on the App Store, and it's released its first attempt to enable players to stream from a PC. 

Presumably other services such as Twitch, Kamcord and perhaps even YouTube Gaming, will be available.

Another company keen to broadcast its support is German publisher Flaregames.

It was onstage at WWDC 2016 to announce the iOS 10 version of its strategy game Olympus Rising will support livestreaming.

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