Up to 90% of App Store views 'don’t generate installs'

The importance of A/B testing

Up to 90% of App Store views 'don’t generate installs'

70 percent to 90 percent of App Store views don’t generate installs, claims 8fit growth team member Thomas Petit.

Speaking at the App Promotion Summit in London, Petit discussed the importance of A/B testing an app’s store page.

He explained that higher conversion will eventually mean paying less on cost per install (CPI). By testing and increasing conversion, he said developers and publishers can reduce their user acquisition budget.

To prove his point, Petit presented the following two app icons and asked the audience which one resulted in higher conversion rates:

The picture on the left had 44 percent higher conversion than the picture on the right. Most people in the audience had thought the app icon on the right would result in a better install rate.

“The lesson here is don’t trust your gut, test it,” said Petit.

“Your opinion is not your users’ opinion."

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