Mobile game spenders are more social

Facebook research

Mobile game spenders are more social

A survey commissioned by Facebook IQ has found out that for mobile games, community triples the interest of those who spender in F2P games. 

Players are from two to three times more likely to continue playing a game where there is a sense of community and if that community is involved.

Same goes for real-life friends - players get more invested similarly in the game if the competition involves their friends or some extra social component.

As a result, the survey discovered that users are three times more likely to spend money on in-app purchases when these conditions were met.

This also coincides with the fact that 68% of people saw social networking sites such as Facebook as their prime source to discover new games.

Mobile generation

The same survey also pointed out at the mobile gaming as the dominant platform in gaming, with 71% of people considering their number one gaming device, and with a very similar amount of male and female players.

On average across 10 markets, the survey found out that 43% of mobile gamers are parents playing after working hours.

The survey, in general, remarks on the relevance of mobile gaming and its pervasiveness across demographics.

You can find the full study here.


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