Updated: Pokemon GO: The latest bigger numbers

How big? How fast?

Updated: Pokemon GO: The latest bigger numbers

This article is being updated from the top as we receive more data:

What more can we say about the game that will save humanity from obesity, social decline, extremism and most likely Donald Trump too?

Released for just over a week, here are some of the numbers that may be (or may not be) more truthful than the previous statement.

  • 1. Have we hit Peak Pokemon GO?

Verto Analytics thinks so. After a busy first week, in the US, the metrics started to fall.

  • 2. Faster ever

Sensor Tower has claimed that Pokemon GO racked up 10 million downloads in a record seven days.

This is quicker than the likes of Clash Royale, Candy Crush Jelly Saga and Angry Birds 2.

  • 3. Half the market

The previously unknown Slice Intelligence reckons Pokemon GO accounted for 47% of the US mobile games market by value over its launch weekend.

However it's not clear how Slice estimated this.

  • 4. Bigger than porn

As everyone has pointed out, according to Google Alerts (not necessarily the best way to mention things), Pokemon GO is bigger than porn and almost bigger than the Brexit peak (as the BBC points out).

  • 5. Most popular ever

According to SurveyMonkey, Pokemon GO is the most popular mobile game ever, beating Candy Crush Saga.

On Friday, it had 26 million unique players and downloads in the US continue at the rate of 4-6 million per day.

  • 6. Bigger than Twitter

Its daily active audience is also unprecedented for a game, beating out Twitter and Google Maps, although technically it's based on Google Maps data.

  • 7. Early retention

As for retention, it's early days, but impressive none-the-less, if AppsFlyer is to be believed, at well over 60%.

  • 8. Daily time

And SensorTower estimates the daily time spent within Pokemon GO at 33 minutes, more than Facebook. 

  • 9. Gender split

Two other estimates: according to StartApp, the gender split is 67% male to 33% female.

  • 10. ARPU

While SurveyMonkey reckons the ARPU is $0.25, although that figure seems highly speculative, as does the comparison with other casual mobile games. 

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