Did the US hit Peak Pokemon GO on Friday 15 July?

Verto Analytics thinks so

Did the US hit Peak Pokemon GO on Friday 15 July?

US consumer intelligence outfit Verto Analytics has been attempting to track the rise of Pokemon GO.

Thanks to its existing audience who have a monitoring app on their phones, it can get decent data on what they have been doing.

And for the past two weeks that means Pokemon GO.

One important note Verto only tracked adults 18+ using Android so it's worked up the data from that sample.

Out and about

Nevertheless, in the 11 days from launch (up to Saturday 16 July),

  • Peak average sessions per user was an incredible 23.4 on Sunday 10 July.
  • The peak number of sessions was 251 million on Monday 11 July.
  • The average time per user peaked at 84 minutes on Wednesday 13 July, and
  • The peak number of users was 12.3 million on Friday 15 July.

Of course, a more significant number would be the peak daily revenue the game has generated.

That's something that will take longer to undercover and will depend on the game's mid and longterm retention.

[source: Verto Analytics]

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