Glispa launches its performance-at-scale influencer network Voltu

34,000 loudspeakers

Glispa launches its performance-at-scale influencer network Voltu

The rise of influencersis hardly news.

What is, however, are the various attempts of established advertising networks to coalesce a mass of such wayward individuals into an organised grouping that can deliver repeated results at a mass scale.

The latest company to launch its version is Berlin-based performance network Glispa.

Called VOLTU, the self service platform marks the commercialised outcome of the bespoke social influencer campaigns the company has been running for the likes of Square Enix and Youzu over the past years.

Big, measured

Glispa says what sets Voltu apart from other social influencer networks is a strong focus on performance.

Handled by Glispa's proprietary ad tech, Voltu also offers global scale, ranging from Brazil, Russia. India and China to Latin America, Southeast Asia and the US and Europe.

Indeed, with 33,889 signed up influencers, Voltu supports all the usual channels, as well as the likes of AfreecaTV (Korea), Douyu (China), VK (Russia) and NicoNico (Japan).

"With VOLTU we address inherent mobile ad industry challenges including advertisers' needs for transparency and fraud protection, ever-diminishing user engagement with banner ads, and the rise of ad blockers," commented commercial director Samantha Turner.

"We offer our advertising clients a hyper-native solution, leveraging trusted authorities in their topic areas (e.g. gaming) to drive high-value user acquisition and brand awareness at scale."

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