Kabam teams up with Hasbro for new Transformers mobile game

Transformers: Contest of Champions

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August 1st, 2016 license Hasbro
Kabam Vancouver
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Kabam teams up with Hasbro for new Transformers mobile game

Marvel: Contest of Champions developer Kabam will be working with the Transformers IP for its next title following a new deal with Hasbro.

The game, described as an action game with RPG and strategy elements, will be developed by Kabam Vancouver.

The studio was previously behind the likes of Fast and Furious: Legacy and Marvel: Contest of Champions.

The new Transformers game is expected to launch in 2017.

Meanwhile in LA, Kabam is working on an Avatar mobile game tie-in.

Transforming mobile

"The Transformers are loved by consumers around the world and we are thrilled to partner with Hasbro to bring the brand to life with this new mobile game," said Kabam COO Kent Wakeford.

"Kabam strives to develop mobile games that offer players years of entertainment and Transformers' many colorful characters will allow us to deliver on that goal."

This announcement comes only shortly after the launch of the Space Ape-developed strategy title Transformers: Earth Wars, and suggests that mobile is developing into a core part of Hasbro's strategy.

"Hasbro is committed to creating authentic Transformers experiences on every platform where fans have a presence and this partnership with Kabam is the latest step in our ongoing commitment to delivering, rich, engaging stories in the mobile space," said Hasbro's SVP of Digital Gaming Mark Blecher.

"Kabam is a leader in developing mobile games inspired by popular franchises, and its expertise will help us create a game that thrills long-time Transformers fans and newcomers alike."

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