Are Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes players really averaging 2.5 hours of gameplay every day?

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Are Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes players really averaging 2.5 hours of gameplay every day?

While I'm all for extolling the excellence of EA Mobile's Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, you can take things too far.

For example, in its recent financials, EA Mobile stated that Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes players averaged nearly 2.5 hours of gameplay per day during the quarter.

Let's read that again:

  • 2.5 hours every day.
  • 17.5 hours a week,
  • 77.5 hours a months.
  • 912.5 hours per year,
  • that's 38 days...

You get the picture. It's a lot.

Can it be done

Now as someone who operates two Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes accounts - one light side and one dark side dontchaknow - this seems impossible.

Completing the daily tasks takes a maximum of 30 minutes a day.

Of course, there are other things you can do in the game too, but activity is strongly capped thanks to two energy systems.

So unless players are spending a lot of money buying energy, or playing in the Arena - which has a five minute refresh rate per battle - it's hard to see how anyone can play Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes for 2.5 hours a day, let alone that amount being the average in-game time. 

Offscreen time

The only other option is that this is the amount of time players have the game client open.

This is more likely because some elements of the game can be automatically (but not immediated) played -effectively in hands-free mode - so players could be doing something else during the 3 minutes or so it takes for each battle to play out.

But even in this case, 2.5 hours a day seems very high for an average.

Still, ironically, this number - even if correct - is likely to dramatically drop in the coming months as the latest update makes it much faster to complete most daily tasks thanks to the multisim option.

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