iOS the most popular platform for UK games developers

Mobile leads the way

iOS the most popular platform for UK games developers

Mobile and Windows desktop were the most popular platforms for UK games developers in 2015, according to new reserach by UK games industry trade body TIGA.

The report looked at 191 games developed by 154 studios in the UK. It found that over 90 games made by UK developers were released on iOS devices - more than any other platform.

Windows desktop trumps Android

Android also proved popular with UK developers, with more than 70 titles released for the operating system.

It was the third most popular platform behind Windows desktop, which had just slightly less releases than iOS.

The least popular hardware amongst UK developers in 2015 were Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and Windows Phone.

Action and adventure games meanwhile proved the most popular genres amongst UK developers, with 24.21% of all games released from the genre.

This was followed by 18.42% labelled as traditional arcade, and 15.26% as puzzle/trivia.

This represented little changed from TIGA’s previous Genre Report.

The spread of genres was however much more diverse on iOS than any other platform.

While action/adventure games were the most popular genre on most other platforms, they ranked third on iOS.

The most popular App Store genres were arcade and puzzle/trivia.

You can read the full TIGA Genre Report here.

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