Palringo brings out the best in its users to raise $1 million for charity

Action Against Hunger and Islamic Relief helped enourmously

Palringo brings out the best in its users to raise $1 million for charity

Social platform Palringo has raised almost $1 million for charity during the last four years.

It originally began its charity campaign as part of Ramadan in 2013 as a way for its Arabic audience to increase their charitable activities during the period.

Players are encouraged to purchase IAPs, with a percentage of the revenues generated going to Action Against Hunger and Islamic Relief.

The real heroes

In 2016, the company launched Hero Squad, which ran a four week charity campaign that generated almost $500,000. 50% of this went to Palringo's charity partners.

"The more people in the group that are playing, the better the experience is for everyone, including the spender, which spreads the goodwill of the campaign, encourages more people to get involved and ultimately raises more cash for charity! It's win-win for the players and the charities," said Tim Rea, CEO of Palringo.

"It's also a nice confirmation that the revenue from gifting contributes the most to the charity total, proving that a social gaming environment is a successful way to engage people with charitable giving."


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