Apple unveils Apple Watch Series 2 with dual-core processor and GPS

A whole bunch of extra features

Apple unveils Apple Watch Series 2 with dual-core processor and GPS

Apple has officially revealed its Apple Watch 2 at its keynote event, renamed as Apple Watch Series 2.

The rumoured built-in GPS function was also confirmed, which works together with fitness apps to provide accurate data of speed and distance as well as location.

The watch has a dual-core processor that is 50% faster than before, with a new GPU that is 2x more powerful than the previous watch.

The watch display is now two times brighter than the last watch, and is also the brightest screen ever found on an Apple device.

Smart and water-free

The watch is now water resistant up to 50 meters, which has required a redesigned speaker system that ejects any water that gets taken into the hardware after use in water.

The Apple Watch Series 2 is also available in ceramic alongside its usual stainless steel models, as well as another partnership with Hermes for new designs, and a specific Nike branded watch designed for runners.

The original Apple Watch is being rebranded as Apple Watch Series 1, and has been upgraded with the dual-core processor.

Apple will be launching the Apple Watch Series 2 on 16 September for $369, and the Apple Watch Series 1 for $269.


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